Commit e42a19df authored by Tulir Asokan's avatar Tulir Asokan 🐈

Add pong metadata

parent 7786f03b
from typing import Optional
from time import time
from mautrix.types import TextMessageEventContent, MessageType
from maubot import Plugin, MessageEvent
from maubot.handlers import command
class EchoBot(Plugin):
def plural(num: int, unit: str, decimals: Optional[int] = None) -> str:
def plural(num: float, unit: str, decimals: Optional[int] = None) -> str:
num = round(num, decimals)
if num == 1:
return f"{num} {unit}"
......@@ -15,8 +17,7 @@ class EchoBot(Plugin):
return f"{num} {unit}s"
def time_since(cls, ms: int) -> str:
diff = int(time() * 1000) - ms
def prettify_diff(cls, diff: int) -> str:
if abs(diff) < 10 * 1_000:
return f"{diff} ms"
elif abs(diff) < 60 * 1_000:
......@@ -26,13 +27,24 @@ class EchoBot(Plugin):
return f"{cls.plural(minutes, 'minute')} and {cls.plural(seconds, 'second')}"
hours, minutes = divmod(minutes, 60)
if abs(hours) < 24:
return f"{cls.plural(hours, 'hour')}, {cls.plural(minutes, 'minute')} and {cls.plural(seconds, 'second')}"
return (f"{cls.plural(hours, 'hour')}, {cls.plural(minutes, 'minute')}"
f" and {cls.plural(seconds, 'second')}")
days, hours = divmod(hours, 24)
return f"{cls.plural(days, 'day')}, {cls.plural(hours, 'hour')}, {cls.plural(minutes, 'minute')} and {cls.plural(seconds, 'second')}"
return (f"{cls.plural(days, 'day')}, {cls.plural(hours, 'hour')}, "
f"{cls.plural(minutes, 'minute')} and {cls.plural(seconds, 'second')}")"ping", help="Ping")
async def ping_handler(self, evt: MessageEvent) -> None:
await evt.reply(f"Pong! (ping took {self.time_since(evt.timestamp)} to arrive)")
diff = int(time() * 1000) - evt.timestamp
content = TextMessageEventContent(msgtype=MessageType.NOTICE,
body="Pong! (ping took "
f"{self.prettify_diff(diff)} to arrive)")
content["pong"] = {
"ms": diff,
"from": evt.sender.split(":", 1)[1],
"ping": evt.event_id,
await evt.reply(content)"echo", help="Repeat a message")
@command.argument("message", pass_raw=True)
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