Commit 37df8c89 authored by Tulir Asokan's avatar Tulir Asokan

Use mention and event link instead of reply for pongs

parent 390267ea
from typing import Optional
from time import time
from mautrix.types import TextMessageEventContent, MessageType
from mautrix.types import TextMessageEventContent, MessageType, Format
from maubot import Plugin, MessageEvent
from maubot.handlers import command
......@@ -36,15 +36,19 @@ class EchoBot(Plugin):"ping", help="Ping")
async def ping_handler(self, evt: MessageEvent) -> None:
diff = int(time() * 1000) - evt.timestamp
content = TextMessageEventContent(msgtype=MessageType.NOTICE,
body="Pong! (ping took "
f"{self.prettify_diff(diff)} to arrive)")
pretty_diff = self.prettify_diff(diff)
content = TextMessageEventContent(
msgtype=MessageType.NOTICE, format=Format.HTML,
body=f"{evt.sender}: Pong! (ping took {pretty_diff} to arrive)",
formatted_body=f"<a href='{evt.sender}'>{evt.sender}</a>: Pong! "
f"(<a href='{evt.room_id}/{evt.event_id}'>ping</a> took "
f"{pretty_diff} to arrive)")
content["pong"] = {
"ms": diff,
"from": evt.sender.split(":", 1)[1],
"ping": evt.event_id,
await evt.reply(content)
await evt.respond(content)"echo", help="Repeat a message")
@command.argument("message", pass_raw=True)
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